Revolution of Digital Marketing: a decade

Revolution of Digital Marketing:
30Jan, 2021

Lots of differences have been made in a decade. Everything has gone changed like the people, the technology and its method. Everything becomes so easy on your fingertips. 10 years ago things were much harder to execute and time taking. Before a decade ago, there were only a few smart phones to choose and the world wide web really wasn’t that wide or connected as it is now. We are talking about India; here the digital growth caught the pace in 10 years. We can see the revolution in digital marketing. Now every hand has a smart phone and people spend their time online for shopping, booking services, and banking.

A decade ago print media was one of the simplest ways for marketing. What was digital marketing before a decade? It was only television ad and radio ad. After the introduction of mobile SMS and mail became the tool of marketing. Ten years ago different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were more about keeping in touch with friends and family. It was not intricate and was a tremendous way for people to stay connected. The word social media marketing didn’t have meaning in the social media world.

We are in the era of modernization in 2021 where everything has been digital. Now due to the competition in the market, brands have to maintain their rank on top. This has introduced SEO. It is a completely different operation than the one we are used to today. The digital marketing manager from one of the top social media marketing companies in Noida stated that ‘ten years ago there wasn’t anything specific as keywords because of the less competition, so the Google could not do to eliminate keywords. But now things have been changed with the great updating. In 2021 to succeed in digital marketing and boosting the sale you need SEO tactics’.

Now brands have to virtually construct connections to consumers. We are one of The Best Digital Marketing Service Company in Noida create the relationships with your customers and establish trust and gradually bring your website in top searches on associated keywords.

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