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Graphic Design Company in Noida
03Jan, 2020

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing Case Studies 1. Restaurant Menu design case study One of our clients, an online printing service provider hired our designing services. This company had multiple clients and was looking for a reputed graphics designing company like us to design menus for restaurant clients of theirs. Challenge :- This project aroused great interest in our […]

Chatbot Company in Noida
03Jan, 2020

Chatbot Development

Chatbot development Case Studies 1. Communications sector case study One of our clients, a leading broadband communications company that employs over 16000 employees hired our Chatbot development service. Challenge :- Like any other company this broadband communications giant values its customers and strives to improve customer experience. Our client had a problem in hand before availing […]

03Jan, 2020

Web Design and Development 

Web design and development Case Studies 1. Web site design and development case study We have designed and developed a highly responsive job site for one of our clients. This site is equally responsive to smart phones, PCs, Laptops and tablets. Challenge :- Client demanded a job site that catered to sales, marketing and communications roles […]

03Jan, 2020

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing Case Studies 1. Shoe retail industry case study One of our esteemed clients, a leading shoe retailer ordered a whatsapp marketing campaign for them. Solution :- We developed an innovative story telling campaign for them. This campaign was meant to promote its popular product Desert boot. Participants needed to chat live with three characters […]

Social Media Marketing Company in Noida
03Jan, 2020

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Case Studies Facebook marketing case studies One of our clients, a leading limited edition T-shirts seller relied on our facebook marketing service to generate sales . Solution :- As limited edition t-shirts offered by this company are available only for 24 hours, client felt the need for a facebook marketing campaign that could […]

03Jan, 2020

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Case Studies 1. Computer hardware sector case study One of our clients, a leading light among computer hardware manufacturers with product range that includes desktop computers, laptops and accessories, hired our content marketing services. Challenge :- Company’s marketing team demanded a unique content marketing strategy to create awareness before attempting to build trust among […]

PPC Company in Noida
03Jan, 2020

PPC Management

PPC Case Studies 1. Hospitality sector case study One of our esteemed clients, a leading hotel chain relied on our PPC services in the aftermath of loss of organic search engine rankings owing to launch of new website. Challenge :- When client launched new website, previous organic search engine rankings were lost and ensuring steady flow […]

03Jan, 2020

Email Marketing

Email marketing Case Studies 1. Travel and tourism sector case study One of our clients, a leading travel company in India today, hired our email marketing service. Email marketing done by us has played a vital role in increasing customer reach, customer base expansion and also retaining old customers. Challenge :- When our client came up […]

03Jan, 2020

SEO Management

SEO Case Studies 1. UC Davis (University of California, Davis) UC Davis decided to use SEO to increase organic traffic and 31% increase in organic traffic was achieved. SEO campaign had 4.5 times more impact than paid campaigns. By any standards this is a great success. Challenge :- Previously UC Davis degrees lacked universal acceptance as […]

Best Digital marketing company
03Jan, 2020

Campaign Management

1. Outdoor campaign case study One of our clients, a countertops and flooring company came to us with the request for an outdoor campaign to promote opening of their new showroom. Challenge :- This client of ours with over 25 years of experience in conceptualization and installation of custom cabinets, countertops and flooring, came to […]

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