30Dec, 2021

A growing business is no easy task these days, but, with the bit of advertisement, just any business could have a boost and the most reachable and convenient source of advertisement currently available in the market is Google Ads. With google ads, it’s sure that you will drive the interested individuals to your brand but how sure are you that you will be effective, driving the people with the right interest and at the lowest cost. For starters, are you sure that your aim for more clicks, leads, and conversions is successfully being achieved, or are your ads just charging you a high price with no returns?

According to one of the Best PPC Companies in Delhi, “Reduced Quality Score could be one of the primary reasons for the ineffective ads.” Quality Score can also be defined as an overall rating of user experience and the landing page of your ads. The key variables for calculating Quality Score are as follows:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Text Significance
  • Overall AdWords Account Performance
  • Keyword Relation to Ad Group
  • Landing Page Quality

By improving and perfecting the above-mentioned elements, one is sure to get a better ad ranking and a great performance with low cost per click or conversation for the matter of fact. Below mentioned are some rather common mistakes that can be avoided to increase efficiency and get better google ads conversation rates, one should always keep these in mind while setting up a google ads campaign:

  1. Duplicated Keywords: Keywords are the most important element for making your campaign reach the most relevant group of people therefore, it is a no-brainer that the proper maintenance and timely update of keywords are necessary but in this process, it is also more than important to make sure that two keywords used do not share the wide variety of matching phrases or are duplicates of one other as it will only lead your ads to the competition against one other. This competition can result in various problems such as reduced auction performance, wasted expenditure, and adverse effects on the quality score.
  2. Overlooking Negative Keywords: Negative keywords are important for the two famous strategies primarily named negative keyword sculpturing and negative keyword optimization. In negative keyword sculpting, any keyword of one campaign being triggered by the other one will be added to that campaign as a negative keyword. On the other hand, a Negative keyword optimization is an approach in which you filter out keywords that you do not want to be associated with in the same campaign. For Example, If a company named ‘Ujjwal Garments’ is running one campaign with the keyword ‘extra fit scarf’ but is getting more clicks through ‘extra fit cap’, it can do negative keyword optimization and add ‘cap’ to the negative keyword to avoid wastage of money as you do not provide what the customers are looking for. While, if you have set up 2 campaigns with keywords ‘extra fit scarf’ and ‘Ujjwal Garments’ respectively and the second campaign is triggering the keyword of the first one, we can do negative keyword sculpting by adding ‘extra fit scarf’ to avoid unwanted traffic and wastage of money.
  3. Choosing the right keywords: There are three categories of keywords to choose from, the broad match, which will include synonyms, misspellings, related keywords, keywords out of order, and anything else relevant; the exact match, which will trigger only when exact search term gets a match and the phrase match, here your ad will display when consumers search for the keyword in the exact sequence. It’s always best to not go with the default broad category which may have a higher CTR but will include irrelevant clicks so use the best type based on the objective of your campaign.
  4. Measuring Ad Metrics: It is very important to know about the below-mentioned terms and keep an eye on them to achieve the best results:
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM)
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Cost Per Acquisition( CPA)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

5. Not using experimental features: Experimental features are becoming more and more popular as a tool to make your work easier. With these, you can better understand the changes you are going to make to the campaign and use the draft feature to even make this process easier and risk-free. This will also help to control ad budget, save time for alterations, and identify better-converting campaigns.

6. Not using extensions: Ad Extensions help to assist customers to take quick actions and save their time. They also are helpful as an attraction to lazy customers who are prone to forget about the advertisement later and still decide to postpone as going through the website will be a drag for them.

Though the above-mentioned points will be significantly helpful to increase your google ads effectiveness, it’s always best to let professionals do this job as the years of experience in the same field makes them highly skilled for the proper use and also they develop their tricks and methods which can also boost the ads to next level. Also, when it comes to trial and error, there will be a comparatively more success ratio and the money wastage would also be avoided. We at Your Reputations Consulting, are the Best Google Ads Management Company in Noida with our team consisting of experts from technical, marketing, legal, and PR background, who have vast experience in building and managing online reputation. To avail our services or to contact us you can visit at

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