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YRC leads the bunch of outdoor campaign companies in Noida and our outdoor campaigns are imitable for peers. We have the knowhow and capacity to execute whole gamut of outdoor advertising campaigns, be it traditional OOH (traditional outdoor advertising), be it Mall ads, be it Multiplex ads, be it Airport ads or be it bus, train and auto ads. Our Pole ads dot the streets of Delhi/NCR. We have adorned numerous Bus shelters in Delhi and NCR with ads of our clients. Our hoardings, Kiosk ads, Overhead gantry ads, Bill boards etc. dot not only highways but also internal city roads. Our Building façade ads are adorning many landmark buildings in Delhi and NCR. Flag sign ads installed by us are also dotting streets of Delhi NCR. Our ads adorn foot over bridges, Police booths, Pole kiosks, Benches, Bus shelter, Metro pillars, Metro bridge panel, Cycle shelter, Dustbin, Vending kiosks etc. Bus, train, auto and cabs are also adorned by our ads. Results of our campaigns speak not us and our fabulous results have put us in the company of topmost companies vying for best outdoor campaign company in Noida.

Why choose YRC for outdoor campaign ?

• We do everything possible to ensure excellent visibility. Ads are put at strategic locations..
• We provide custom solutions in strict accordance to specifications provided by client.
• Best ROI provided among peers. Great savings on advertisement budget.
• We are active in outdoor ad world for quite some time now.
• 24X7 assistance and great after sales service.
• Proper monitoring of ads. We take care of destructions. Our ads are seldom found in improper condition.

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