How Magento And Shopify Can Keep Your Business Ahead?

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12Feb, 2022

The benefits of E-commerce Websites cannot be overstated, from creating a Global Marketplace where customers all over the world can simply buy online to making purchases easier, quicker, and more convenient. Best Website Design Company in Delhi NCR states, “E-Commerce Websites enables customers to buy goods and services without leaving their homes. It also saves money and time. Furthermore, as compared to traditional business techniques, E-commerce provides better convenience and flexibility. As a result, hundreds of millions of people worldwide rely on E-commerce every day.” This statement may not come as a surprise to many, but it is important in one way: methods that formerly worked well for a range of merchants may no longer be the greatest option for boosting audiences, transactions, and engagement. Hence, making migration the only possible solution.

Now, as far as migration goes, Magento and Shopify are prime suspects you will probably hear of while looking for an e-commerce platform to switch to for your online business. With over 300,000 merchants on Magento and a whopping 600,000 on Shopify, both are immensely popular in the world of e-commerce and can significantly help your business in many ways.

Some of the ways these platforms can help your business as stated by Website Development Company are mentioned below:

Easy Set-Up and Better Customization: You don’t need any technical expertise or abilities to create a new website with sites Shopify. In reality, you simply need basic HTML knowledge. Furthermore, once your Website has been set up, you may add Content from anywhere. There is no need to learn how to code because everything is done automatically after installation, with a single click. You can also alter practically anything on your Storefront, including Fonts, Colors, Images, Layouts, Banners, and so on. There are hundreds of Free Themes to pick from, plus you can still develop your themes with the Liquid Template Engine.

Better Customer Support: Shopify and Magento are outstanding in terms of customer service. They not only give 24/7 technical assistance via Email, Live Chat, Phone, and Discussion Forums, but they also provide Free Training Courses to help users become acquainted with the Platform. Furthermore, on their Official Blog, they provide Tutorials and Guides to assist Customers to learn things more quickly. To summarize, they both provide access to Professional Services at reasonable pricing.

Pricing: Shopify is a Hosted Platform implying that it handles all of your requirements e-commerce requirements and your Shopify Subscription Plan covers A-to-Z expenses. While, when it comes to Magento, it is free to install but charges a bit (of around $10-$15 per year) for using your domain and certain extensions can also build up the price, but make your life a lot easier.

Security: The incidents in the media about hacks are usually involving large firms such as Target and Amazon, but there is frequently more to it. Almost half of all cyber assaults target small and medium-sized enterprises, with e-commerce retailers receiving one-third of all attacks. As an open-source solution, Magento generally allows companies to fend for themselves. The website owner is responsible for keeping track of any prospective security patches or extensions and for applying website upgrades. In theory, if the developer has proper knowledge of security, can easily develop a secure website with no defects, while all Shopify-powered sites and stores have an SSL certificate, and the platform’s security level encompasses all six PCI standards areas. In layman’s terms, this implies that your store (and its users) will stay safe and secure to the greatest extent feasible.

Speed And Performance: NNG reports that 47% of consumers anticipate a website to load in less than two seconds. This metric alone emphasizes the significance of your website’s speed and performance. According to this research, if your website’s load time exceeds 15 seconds, consumers are more likely to abandon it. When it comes to speed and performance, Magento and Shopify both have their distinct advantages. Because of their powerful performance and performance-oriented adjustments, Magento is widely regarded as one of the leading e-commerce systems. According to a 2019 survey, most Shopify businesses took 2.6 seconds to load before page content showed, whereas Magento took 2.8 seconds. This will, however, vary depending on your hosting infrastructure, the efficiency with which your website is created, and any third-party integration that may be operating on your website. Keeping this in mind, the survey found that bigger Shopify stores took an average of 6.8 seconds to load, whereas Magento only took 6.0. Hence, Best Website Designing Company in Noida states that you should be assured that while using any of these services, you will in theory not lose any customers due to speed or performance.

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