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YRC is one of the most sought after digital marketing companies in Noida and our digital campaigns are imitable for peers. Our clientele is ever expanding and we get requests for various kinds of digital campaigns. Some are interested in SEO, some in content marketing, some request pay per click (PPC), some order social media marketing (SMM) campaign and some show interest in Email marketing. We have separate teams for these types of digital marketing campaigns. Results of our campaigns speak not us and our fabulous results have put us in the company of topmost companies vying for best digital marketing company in Noida.

✔ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO campaigns rely strictly on free and organic search results to get traffic. Our SEO experts conduct continuous research to understand how search engines rank websites. Research is necessary as algorithms of search engines keep on changing. Our team has improved rankings of many websites solely relying on SEO and our company is highly regarded among companies vying for best SEO company in India. Responsibility for on-page-SEO and off-page-SEO is divided among different executives of SEO team. Duty of avoiding SEO violations has been assigned to separate team.

✔ Content marketing

Content marketing is a specialized creative job that needs expertise. We have a team of content writers with content writing jobs related to different domains assigned amicably to different content developers. Division of responsibilities keeps minds of content writers clutter free and this enables them to write high quality content. Out content marketing campaigns have provided fabulous results for our clients and satisfied clients have helped in expanding our clientele through word of mouth publicity. Today YRC is regarded very highly among crowd of companies vying for best content marketing company in India.

✔ Search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Digital marketers don’t rely only on free and organic ways to gain traffic. They also purchase ads on search engines to gain traffic. This type of digital marketing is called search engine marketing or SEM. Google AdWords is most popular paid search platform, closely followed by Bing Ads. Our Search engine marketing services are comparable to best companies vying for best SEM marketing company in India. Apart from Google AdWords and Bing Ads, there are numerous other second tier PPC platforms and PPC ad options are available on top social networks. Our PPC services have delivered great results to many of our esteemed clients. Word of mouth publicity provided by our clients has expanded our clientele considerably and we are today very highly regarded among top companies vying for best PPC marketing company in India.

✔ Social media marketing (SMM)

SMM is our forte and we have done social media marketing for many of our clients. We have used social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest and youtube extensively to promote products and services of our clients. We have provided great results to our clients in the form of highly increased traffic. Increased traffic means increased leads and sales. Clients satisfied by our SMM services have provided us positive word of mouth publicity and today we are highly regarded among companies vying for best social media marketing company in India.

✔ Email marketing

We have delivered tremendously successful email marketing campaigns for our clients. Recognizing the importance of email marketing, YRC has made a separate team for this service. Results of our email marketing campaigns speak not us. Satisfaction level of our clients is very high and they provide positive word of mouth publicity to us. Today we are counted among the best companies vying for best email marketing company in Noida.

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