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Web design and development Case Studies

1. Web site design and development case study

We have designed and developed a highly responsive job site for one of our clients. This site is equally responsive to smart phones, PCs, Laptops and tablets.

Challenge :-

Client demanded a job site that catered to sales, marketing and communications roles only. This was quite natural as this recruitment agency client specializes in sales, marketing and communication roles only. As every other job agency , this client of ours brings job seekers and employers close to each other. They also offer training development (T&D) services to businesses looking to enhance skill sets of their work force. We customized the website exactly in accordance with needs of our client to cater to their Recruitment and T&D business

Results :-

Our client was hugely satisfied with the responsiveness their custom job site developed by us and provided positive word of mouth publicity. Word of mouth publicity provided by them and other clients has put us on different pedestal among companies vying for best design and development company in India.

2. Website redesigning case study

One of our esteemed clients, a helicopter adventure company, wanted us to redesign their existing website, to make it better lead generation asset.

Challenge :-

Client observed that online searches were not contributing much to website traffic and most traffic was by virtue of advertising campaigns. Client shared with us their wish to formulate a new SEO strategy to better on-site user experience and boost organic sessions.

Solution :-

Our focus was on creating a discerning site structure that would stress on visual brand storytelling more than everything else. Main goal set by client for website redesign was to provide centre stage to their gorgeous photography. We created a simple design to allow breathtaking images provided by the client to take users on a virtual helicopter sightseeing tour.

3. Legal service website redesigning case study

Challenge :-

One of our clients, a leading legal service provider known to provide cost-effective legal services came to us with two challenges: 1.They were simply fed up of their old brand image and wanted to refresh it. 2. Current website seemed too difficult to manage by their team. They demanded a new web design to give a lift to their established brand.

Solution :-

We felt the need to shape website’s existing content into an easily manageable site architecture using WordPress CMS. As we are a leading digital marketing company, it was easy for us to arrange their content in more systematic manner. We added a legal blog too. Our website redesign was meant to balance a lean and professional look with a genuine and welcoming feel. We relied on website’s existing palette. As a result of our efforts overall impression of the website is quite credible and trustworthy.

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