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Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Facebook marketing case studies

One of our clients, a leading limited edition T-shirts seller relied on our facebook marketing service to generate sales .

Solution :-

As limited edition t-shirts offered by this company are available only for 24 hours, client felt the need for a facebook marketing campaign that could build the hype around fresh T-shirt designs offered every day. Client consulted us for help and result was a unique facebook marketing campaign. Posts with images of fresh t-shirt design offered one chance to win a free t-shirt by liking the image, two chances to win a free t-shirt by sharing the image and three chances to win a free t-shirt by commenting on the image.

Results :-

This simple offer developed by us generated hundreds of likes, shares and comments and eventually built a hype around company’s products, expanded company’s social reach and generate sales.

Instagram marketing case studies

One of our clients, a leading footwear company, hired our Instagram marketing service.

Solution :-

Company for once decided to rely on legwork done by their audience instead of expensive ad placements and came to us for help. We readily provided our expertise and to promote client’s new brand, we asked client’s followers to create company-inspired instagram posts with a hashtag related to this new brand. Enticement was chance to model in a professional photo shoot. Word was spread that result of the contest would be rolled out on company’s instagram channel and we enlisted support of one of instagram’s most popular celebrities to spread the word about the contest.

Results :-

Result of this campaign was fabulous and company generated 71000 mentions on this particular hashtag and gained over 41000 new followers.

Twitter marketing case studies

One of our clients, a leading electronics company, hired our twitter marketing services to boost their smartphone sales among youngsters in the age group of 16-24.

Solution :-

We decided to create a twitter treasure hunt to achieve above mentioned goal. A very unique contest was announced. A stall was set up in a big city of UK and it was announced that whosoever will reach the stall first will get two tickets of a big concert. To help users track the stall we placed a map on the web that zoomed in on the location of the stall whenever a particular hashtag was used on twitter.

Results :-

This campaign brought in great results for the client and on the first day itself 5000 tweets were received. By the end of the campaign 50000 tweets had been received. This combined with high engagement rates of 38% from sponsored links almost quadrupled client’s smartphone sales among targeted age group people.

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