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1. Hospitality sector case study

One of our esteemed clients, a leading hotel chain relied on our PPC services in the aftermath of loss of organic search engine rankings owing to launch of new website.

Challenge :-

When client launched new website, previous organic search engine rankings were lost and ensuring steady flow of bookings in spite of ranking loss became a truly challenging task. Client informed us about their ambition of spiking up the number of online bookings on the new website specifically targeting international tourists and business travel market. We and client concurred that a PPC campaign was needed to spike up international traffic to the website.

Solution :-

A very comprehensive approach was adopted, local and international traffic was separated and equal stress was put on promoting brand and promoting different hotel locations. Likewise special campaign offers were introduced without ignoring normal traffic. Everything was done with absolute control over budget. Innovative campaigns were introduced to test which was the best marketing message and ascertain if different adverts influenced different groups of people.

Results :-

The PPC campaign was highly successful and on an average 7500 clicks were received per month for the initial three months. Split test revealed that popularity of client’s brand name in was on the rise in local market and supplying area wise list of hotels proved vital. As far as return on investment (ROI) is concerned, local responses had slightly higher ROI compared to international responses but ROI was high for both. This campaign increased conversion rate by 125%, cost per click decreased by 67% and ROI ratio was unbelievable 20:1.

2. Finance sector case study

An esteemed client of ours, a reputed online payment service provider whose solutions cater to the needs of diverse markets, hired our PPC services.

Challenge :-

Client felt the need for a PPC campaign that could help in reaching potential users and introduction of new service that obviously lacked any search inventory. Key performance indicators set for this campaign included card activations, user registrations and loading money onto cards.

Solution :-

Comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on deep research about innovative ways to reach target audience was formulated by us. Decision was taken to launch multiple landing pages and then constantly optimize these pages using traffic data collected.

Results :-

This campaign resulted in phenomenal growth and client acquisitions surpassed all expectations. This campaign received traction worldwide and business volume growth owing to this campaign is still visible.

3. Wedding planning domain case study

One of our esteemed clients, whose website leads the pack of most popular sites for wedding accessories, wedding planning and wedding venues and whose website is one of the most preferred destinations for grooms and brides-to-be, hired our PPC services.

Challenge :-

Company was not getting any tangible results from retail campaigns and campaign setup lacked granularity. Over-dependence on brand name and lack of accounts improvements at every level was palpable. We felt the need for a detailed KPI report to identify problems encountered and solutions provided. We also felt that refined keyword listing based on relevancy and search volume was required to improve quality scores. We conducted A/B testing across diverse ad groups in combination with an efficient retail campaign for identification of best and worst performances. We ensured great ROI by lowering traffic that was irrelevant and non-converting with sole intention to reduce campaign costs.

Results :-

Our PPC campaign did wonders. Non-converting traffic went down drastically, conversion rate went up manifolds and above all revenues grew by 42.58%.

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