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1. Restaurant Menu design case study

One of our clients, an online printing service provider hired our designing services. This company had multiple clients and was looking for a reputed graphics designing company like us to design menus for restaurant clients of theirs.

Challenge :-

This project aroused great interest in our innovators and technical experts. We had to cater to following challenges:
• Bulk order of designing 220 restaurant menus.
• Condition of completing three designs minimum within 24 hours .
• The client’s demand for focused logo designing that could serve the purpose of branding restaurants efficiently.
• Menus were 2-6 pages in length and hence designing process was time-consuming.

Solution :-

This project was a cake walk for us as we had effectively accomplished menu design projects in the past. As we had very short time in hand, brainstorming sessions were kept limited and quick conceptualization of themes of menus depending on cuisine was executed. All menus were custom made in accordance with instructions of the client. We provided the client with a sample that was readily passed. We integrated sophisticated technologies to speed up the process. Adobe Photoshop was used by our experts to design these menus. Our QA team thoroughly checked the design work in every menu, before delivery to the client.

Results :-

• Our designs were flawless and error free.
• Service was cost-effective.
• Quality was great.
• Service was punctual.
• ROI was very good.
The client found our services highly effective and they were able to cut down their inhouse printing costs to almost half the estimated value. Our experts maintained high levels of accuracy while designing these menus. The client decided to continue with our creative designing services and presently, they are collaborating with us on a long-term project.Have a consultation with us regarding your design themes. Our assistance can reduce your inhouse expenditure and bolster your business.

2. Magazine Layout and Designing case study

One of our clients, an interior design magazine publisher hired our graphics designing service to solve their perennial problem of delay in delivery of magazines to subscribers.

Challenge :-

Client faced repeated embarrassment because of delayed delivery of magazines to subscribers and finally decided to outsource graphics designing job to us. Initial apprehensions of the client regarding outsourcing to vendor proved wrong and we delivered results in the form of immediate stoppage of repeated breach of printing deadlines stopped. Gradually wrong impression about the client that had started to take roots in the minds of loyal and prospective subscribers got erased. Fear of the client that quality might be compromised by the vendor also proved to be unfounded as we have put in place a proper quality policy.

Solution :-

We are immensely proud of our proficient team of skilled Graphics designing professionals thorough with graphics design and photo editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Our team of versatile and multi-faceted professionals applied their designing proficiency and made use of cutting edge software to give high quality output. Readers admired vivid interior design images captured and published.

Results :-

This Interior design magazine was transformed overnight owing to our efforts and feedback from both loyal and new subscribers was great. Subscriber base grew considerably stepping up revenues. ROI provided by our graphics designing solution was appreciated by the client. Seamless transfer of designing operations to us happened.

3. Garment sector case study

Meritene is a Nestlé Health Science brand that offers nutritional products that are meant to cater to specific needs of adults above 50 years. Products like flavored powders and ready-to-drink beverages for elderly have been made available by this company..

Challenge :-

One of our clients, a leader in the custom t-shirt business hired our Graphics designing service. Client was looking for a professional branding package and came to us hoping to get a proper Graphics designing solution that could help them stand out among crowd of competitors. As client was demanding a fresh, innovative look we put in extra efforts ascertain the strengths of this brand during the design process.

Solution :-

Taking note of the fact that t-shirts offered by the company had abundant use of colors we inferred that color was a core focus for this brand and incorporated colors heavily in the designs. End product was a vibrant new look that satisfied the client. This and many other satisfied clients provided positive word of mouth publicity to us. By virtue of this positive word of mouth publicity, we have earned a reputation and are counted among top notch companies vying for best Graphics designing company in India.

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