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Content Marketing Case Studies

1. Computer hardware sector case study

One of our clients, a leading light among computer hardware manufacturers with product range that includes desktop computers, laptops and accessories, hired our content marketing services.

Challenge :-

Company’s marketing team demanded a unique content marketing strategy to create awareness before attempting to build trust among their target audience i.e. IT professionals. Objective was to help IT professionals make informed buying decisions in a way that they mandatorily compared client’s products to products of other companies before buying any product.

Method and Execution :-

To execute this unique content marketing strategy, we developed a digital content hub called ‘Tech revolution’, to make technical news and technology information readily available to IT decision makers. Tech revolution content marketing hub successfully helped in engaging with target audience and leads generated by this content marketing hub was seamlessly routed to company website.

Results :-

This unique content marketing strategy was extremely successful in establishing our client as a thought leader. With 250 articles attracting 34 million impressions, 308 link clicks and 1,70,000 visits of new web users, Tech revolution was truly revolutionary

2. CRM sector case study

One of our clients, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) behemoth that enjoys leading position in CRM segment and is inarguably world’s largest CRM applications vendor, hired our Content marketing service.

Challenge :-

Contrary to successes in most global locations, our client faced difficulty in maintaining steady traffic and leads in its United Kingdom business. It finally asked us to change their content marketing strategy radically to attain business growth.

Method and Execution:-

We created following digital assets promptly:
1. Entertaining videos related to sales and marketing were created.
2. Unique stop-motion slide share was introduced to the world.

Results :-

This content marketing campaign delivered wonderful results for our client in UK market. 80% increase in web traffic was observed. 6500 email-newsletter signups and 10000 downloads of their customized ebook and astounding rise in traffic from social media sites was evidence of success of our content marketing strategy.

3. ERP sector case study

One of our clients, undoubtedly largest global vendor of ERP software, whose ERP products are used by diverse organizations in every corner of the world, hired our content marketing service. Client wanted an apt content marketing strategy that could enable it to reach out to its customers across all segments.

Method and Execution :-

We selected several topics of interest for each of 19 customer segments. Attempt was made to educate audience on digital technology.

Suitable content was developed and distributed through following channels: :
1. Emails
2. Tweets 3. Post On community network of the company 4. LinkedIn status updates 5. Virtual events 6. Account based marketing (ABM) 7. Individual account meetings

Results :-

This content marketing strategy resulted in extremely favorable business opportunities. For example, Marketing Generated Sales was estimated at almost $4 million. Marketing Touched Pipeline (MTP) for the company was pegged to be over $50 million just due to this new content marketing initiative.

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