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Chatbot development Case Studies

1. Communications sector case study

One of our clients, a leading broadband communications company that employs over 16000 employees hired our Chatbot development service.

Challenge :-

Like any other company this broadband communications giant values its customers and strives to improve customer experience. Our client had a problem in hand before availing to our Chatbot development service. They were catering to 200,000 live chats a month and recognizing the fact that their customers preferred to have their queries answered in channel, they came to our doorsteps for solution that could enable customers to self-serve and increase first-contact resolution rates. The wanted the solution to be cost effective.

Solution :-

We provided a suitable Chatbot solution that combined with their existing chat application to provide a flawless experience on their support site. Through the use of our chatbot solution company has been able to better customer service by simply optimizing their ability to use self-service for routine calls. Requests of username retrievals and password resets contributed 38% of total incoming chat and now these have been automated.

2. Cloud platform case study

One of our clients, a leading company that provides cloud platform for DevOps teams hired our Chatbot development service.

Challenge :-

This company was getting unwanted leads outside the purview of their target audience. Too much time of their sales representatives was being wasted on unnecessarily on live chat system. Only 30 % leads were useful and 70% leads were useless. This problem brought the client to our doorsteps.

Solution :-

Use of chatbot solution provided by us delivered great results. This solution helped in identification of companies by IP addresses and present sales representatives with chats from only those companies with whom business was desirable. Small companies that are too small to be in target audience of the company were excluded automatically.

Results :-

• Within three months conversion rate (visitor-to- lead) grew by 10% and within 6 months it grew 20%.
• Four time increase in conversion rate achieved.

3. Passenger transport case study

One of our esteemed clients, a big rail transport company that operates around 300 passenger trains, employs over 20,000 people and carries over 30-million passengers per year hired our Chatbot development service.

Challenge :-

Taking note of the fact that now more travelers book tickets online than by any other method, our client came to us with the demand for Chatbot solution that could make ticket booking easier for their website’s 375,000+ daily visitors. They gave a rough idea about Chatbot solution they needed and we developed a custom Chatbot solution for them that could provide visitors instant access to online self-service, provide clear answers to their questions and help with transactions without contacting a representative through mail or phone.

Results :-

• 8 times ROI achieved.
• $1 million saved on email customer service.
• 50% increase in use of Chatbot (Intelligent virtual assistant) year-over-year.
• 5 million questions answered by IVA.
• 30% revenue growth owing to IVA.

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